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Statement from Hoosier:

LAKEVILLE, IN (July 18, 2014) – In an effort to offer our valued customers improvements to our existing 13” bias-ply slicks, construction changes have been made to the following part numbers.

The new A2500 construction offers the Pro F1600 Series customers similar track and handling performance to the previous generation of race tires that have been used this season. Testing has shown the new design will offer equal or better lap times and a slight improvement in the front end of the car. The upgraded design is constructed the same as the previous tire except using a newly developed fabric. The F1600 (R45B) tread compound on both tires will remain the same. Setup, break-in procedure, air pressure and camber settings will be the same as the previous model. Dimensions of the tire have not changed as well.

The new tires will be available for the next F1600 event at Pittsburgh International Race Complex on August 1 - 3.